Summer 2018

As Spring Festival approaches, it’s time to scale back our ambition for this year. I have not managed to privately raise any money to sponsor a group for this summer, but  I was working on a very tight schedule–including the holidays, a wildfire, and a debris flow.  Very exciting times here, and fortunately we were only a tiny little bit inconvenienced –all we had to do was spend 3 nights in a hotel.

So the new plan is the contingency plan that was hatched over hotpot in a Wuhan mall last October: organize for 2019.  To that end, I will make an independent trip this summer in order to lay the groundwork.  The goals are to:

  • Secure a venue for summer of 2019.  We are hoping for the public Wuhan Children’s Library.
  • Take at least a party of two.  Who wants to go?
  • Revisit Macheng and experience a one-room schoolhouse in rural Hebei Province.
  • Observe the program for the children of migrant factory workers at the Hangzhou Children’s Library.
  • Firm up our relationship with the Smiling Library.
  • Read more books!



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