China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair (中国上海国际童书展)

With pleasure I will be returning to China this fall to take ReadingEverywhere to the China Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair.  We hope to hold two events at the fair, and continue to visit libraries and meet with members of the children’s library community in China.

The trip is scheduled so far as follows:

11月3日: 到北京

11月7-8日: 参观农村图书馆

11月10-11日: 到上海

11月13-15日: 儿童书展

11月17日: 到广州



We will try to meet up with as many people as possible before the book fair.  The days that do not list a specific event are currently unscheduled.  If you would like to meet on one of those days, please contact me.


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