Chinese librarians want to interact with YOU ALAAC15

Chinese entrepreneurial children’s librarians and their member parents want to know how our libraries work, and want to share their work with us!

At 4:00 on Monday, June 29, we’ll be hosting an open discussion at the American Library Association Annual Meeting’s Networking Uncommons.   ReadingEverywhere invites everyone with an interest in the promotion of recreational reading, international exchange, what libraries look like in a different context, and just the curious to come participate in a discussion, give us advice on how we can help Chinese children’s libraries, or just to listen!

We are especially interested in meeting with folks from the Association of Library Services to Children and the Chinese-American Librarians Association.  To the best of our knowledge, we haven’t seen any of the people from these groups in the same room so far at this conference.  Think of it as a blind date.



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